What should I do to protect my counter top?

We recommend that you seal your stone every 4-6 month with a stone sealer. This protect it from any liquid soaking into the stone

I have recently sealed my counter top, so why do I have a stain on my stone?

Keep in mind that even after your stone is sealed and protected, any liquid with strong colors will remaining on the stone and will penetrate right through the stone sealer.  This can occur as fast as leaving a spill for 15 minutes.  The best thing to do is to clean it up right away.

I have a dull spot on my counter top.  How did I get it and how do I fix it?

The reason why you may have a dull spot is because you may have left some acidic liquid on the surface a bit too long.  For example, lemon juice, wine or even toothpaste.  We recommend that you call in an expert for this repair.  Trying to repair it yourself may cause the problem to worsen.

Can I put anything hot right on the my counter top?

We suggest that you do not put anything boiling or hot directly on the counter top.  Doing so will give it a chance to crack.

How do I clean my counter top?

Using warm water and soap or just windex is a good way to keep your stone nice, shiny and clean



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