Privacy Policy

Toronto Marbles (MGRS) understands the importance of protecting any information shared with us and is committed to honoring the privacy of our Web site visitors. Our Web site allows users to become informed and give consent before participating in programs and services. Our Web site describes our information practices and provides information to answer questions you might have.

The information we ask for allows our account managers and Web site coordinators to maintain quick, effective communication and constantly personalize our business services to your requirements. Your registration, any passwords and contact information you may be issued are also required for your secure movement and transaction processing throughout our Web site. However, certain third-party Web sites to which we provide links or which are hosted by Toronto Marbles for public use have different or additional terms of use, (including different privacy policies), which you should read, so that you fully understand particular uses of personal information by third parties who are partnered or affiliated with Toronto Marbles. Because Toronto Marbles does not control activity on any third party Web sites, even when hosted by Toronto Marbles, Toronto Marbles makes no representation concerning the use and/or disclosure of any information provided to such third party Web sites.

Toronto Marbles always allows visitors to choose whether or not to disclose personal or business information. Certain information is required for registration and to establish and securely manage a Toronto Marbles profile, but other requested information may be optional. Specific questions about what information is currently required should be addressed to the account manager and Web site coordinator who establish your account.

We use basic information that we collect to tailor to your individual preferences and make your business relationship with Toronto Marbles more productive. We require specific additional information when you subscribe to some certain services, and we securely store that information in databases. We share some aggregate statistical data with companies from which we obtain analytical and marketing services or partnerships. These companies do not have access to our secure database, and we never provide these companies with access to any consumers' financial, personal, or loan-transaction information that we store on behalf of our business partners and affiliates. From time to time, we may be asked to disclose such information to third parties as part of a legal proceeding (i.e. subpoenas and criminal investigations); in such cases, Toronto Marbles will only disclose personally identifiable information as required by law.

However, with that said, all users are encouraged to be familiar with our partners and affiliates privacy policies, which can be accessed at their personal websites. We are not responsible or able to control the activity of third parties who partner or affiliate with Toronto Marbles. When filling out any request form on our site it is required to disclose your first name, last name, phone number, and e-mail. This information is required in order for Toronto Marbles to communicate efficiently with customers and to keep all information secure by comparing what is on file and what information is submitted.

All of the information submitted in the forms goes directly into a database that only authorized Toronto Marbles administration has access to. Any additional information asked of a user by a technician or sales representative is properly entered in the customers file.

Toronto Marbles occasionally uses software "cookies" (tiny data files sent to and stored by the client computer's web-browser software) to enable using our services more efficiently, and to let us keep track of statistical traffic information that helps us improve our Web site. One extremely valuable service provided by cookies is that they can save many preferences that you have established for navigation, searching, and shopping in your favorite Web sites. After your computer has requested and received a cookie from an Internet server, the cookie simply allows you to visit Web site pages repeatedly without having to reintroduce yourself each time you return. No other user's computer on the Worldwide Web will have that same cookie, and only the Web site that issued that cookie can later retrieve it. A Web site can transmit one or (rarely) more cookies to the user's browser software, and each may have a very different purpose. Cookies from our server contain only information which a user volunteers, or which guarantees the secure transmission of their data across the Internet, or which can automatically disconnect a user's "log-in" session after a period of inactivity (in case you go to lunch but forget to "log off"). Some Toronto Marbles Web site services may not function correctly if the user's browser software cannot accept cookies. Recent versions of Web browsers can be customized so that a cookie is always accepted-but only after the user is advised and consents.

For any privacy concerns please contact Toronto Marbles at 647-781-1534 or by e-mail at


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We not only value your privacy, but it is your rights to privacy. We do not share or give any information such as name, house number, and phone number to anyone, unless it is by law.